Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm™ Game with Quad Seal™

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Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm™ Game with Quad Seal™

NEW for 2020. For the discerning game shooter who demands the very best, Gamebore’s Quad Seal™ is the most ground-breaking development in modern cartridge manufacturing history.

Taking the legendary performance of Dark Storm™ Game even further, the Quad Seal™ technology delivers never seen before knock-down power where it matters most; down range.

Designed and developed in house by Gamebore, exclusively for Gamebore, Quad Seal™ gives improved ballistic consistency, noticeably reduced recoil and increased striking energy. Plus it is fully degradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

Combined with precision made Diamond Shot™ and Gamebore’s exclusively blended powders, the Dark Storm™ with Quad Seal™ takes the renowned Black Gold range to the next level and beyond.

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